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Description: My name is Masoud Sahk and i want to compare Malmo city with the world most beautiful cities,therefore i took some beautiful buildings of Malmo city by having less apportunity of time. i took photos which shows that Malmo is one of those cities that we must visit it once in life,for example i took photos of some famous places and buildings like kronprinsen,triangeln,central,parks.....etc.and i think Malmo is keep quite and calm city for me ..warmest regards Masoud Sahk
Photographer: Masoud Sahk
Date when image were taken: 2015
Street, location: Friisgatan, Malmö Stadsarkiv
City: Malmö
ung i sommar
Masoud Sahk
Archive collection: Malmö Stadsarkiv
ID: 5406
Folders: Malmo.nu / Malmö.nu 2015 / Masoud