The collection mainly includes Family portrait and friends and relatives of the Bager family for example the Hedman, Quensel family, Kockum and others gathered in 17 albums. The collection also includes loose photo- Graphs, some of which are taken off Einar Bager himself.                                                                               Einar Henrik Bager, born April 19, 1887, in Malmö St. Petri parish, son of wholesaler Harald Bager and his wife, born Hedman, student degree in Malmö in 1905, studies at the Copenhagen Academy of Arts and Culture, and Paris. Landscape and portrait painters (especially children's portrait). Has performed a large number of drawings and reconstructions with motifs from Malmö at a time. Beginning in 1929, conducting archive studies in Malmö City's records with the city's topography in particular. He has presented his research findings in a large number of printed dissertations and essays, especially in Malmö museums and Malmö memorial associations publications. His heaviest weighted printed works are certainly those about "Old Malmö farms" Skånska Dagbladet farm, the Flensburg farm (together with Nils Gösta Sandblad) and Kronon magazine. His information published in the former book concerning the millennium development in Malmö in the 1600s and 1700s is particularly worth considering, as it is a wisdom of precision that made the preparation of an important stage in the settlement history of Malmö. Bager has also created a well-organized collection of excerpts and other results of a long-term scholarship, from which collection he is prepared with readiness, giving information to both scholars and laymen who seek his assistance. As a volunteer employee in Malmö museums and Malmö archaeological heritage's cultural-historical activities, Einar Bager has also taken a great and unforgiving job when it comes to preserving strange Malmö historical buildings and archaeological remarkable skills, and preparing them a haven either in the open-air reserve or in the museum's collections.

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