Photos transferred to MSA's photo collection for registration. 1/3 photo album Round 1947 and 1950s, beach pavilion and older boats 1947-1974, 2/2 album tug boats, the beach pavilion 1950-t and older boats, 3 / Map. Ramat photo "Dan" and "Flintrännan" 1946, 3 envelopes div. osort. Photos 1900-1980, 4 / Map. Div. Photos + 1 plastic pocket photo on the company's founder, 5 / Large folder mounted photos of the chairmen, 6/6 album Bogs, salvages and boat fittings 1896-1972, Uttern and Järven with several 1960s A memory of this time was expressed in the colors in which the tugboat tugboats were painted, namely black hulls with brown deckhouses and white breweries. These colors still have Svitzer's vessel units. Malmö's boats changed their colors for the first time in 1977 when the company merged with Göteborgs Bogsering & Bärgnings AB, and then received the company's color schemes: Moss green hulls, brown tire houses, and the special characteristic of this shipping company, the black chimney with a red ribbon in which The company's name was white-lettered. Still, the present year 1995 company Red Company has left this kind of chimney brand, while other colors have changed so that the hull is red and the tents and jetties have become yellow.