The school's goal was that younger apprentices among craftsmen and in trade would be given the opportunity to improve their skills. Since teaching was posted on Sunday afternoons, the school's name became the Sunday School. In connection with minor changes in the organization, the school changed names repeatedly over the years. - Own Board: Sunday School 1831-1841. Borgarskolan 1841-1853. - Malmö Technical Sunday and Evening School 1853-1877. - Malmö Technical Evening and Sunday School 1877-1896. - Technical Professional School in Malmö 1896-1919. - In 1919, the school was converted to apprenticeship and reappointed its own board. - Malmö city apprenticeship and vocational schools 1919-1929. - Malmö City Schools for Vocational Education 1929-1956. - Malmö City Occupational Schools 1956-.