Malmö by the time largest shipping company Rederi AB Clipper was founded in December 1946 by Einar Hansen. The first ship "Ekefors" from 1946 was accompanied by "Bokefors" 1947 and "Granefors" in 1949. These ships as well as the inchartered Swedish ship "Erik Banck" were added to the newly-formed US-Cuba-Mexico line, where the following cities were called: Boston , New York, Philadephia, Baltimore, Norfolk, Havana, Tampico and Vera Cruz. The line ended in 1953 due to poor profitability.                         Rederi AB Clipper bought in 1955 "Sundbeam", a "3-mastad Råsegelskonert" by the Rydbergska Foundation. It was rebuilt to serve as a sailing seaman school under the name "Flying Clipper". During the years 1955-1958, approximately 200 people were trained in various occupations in the trade fleet. In 1959-1963, approximately 100 aspirants from Sjövärnskåren were trained. In the spring of 1965 the ship was sold to the Goverment Merchant Marine Academies, Piraeus, the name was changed to "Eugene Eugenides", which was reported in 1997 as yet existing. Einar Hansen was also the correspondent editor of Rederi AB Malmoil, a company formed by Kockum and Clipper Rederierna. In 1973, the Clipper companies went into the grave.