When Einar Hansen's book interest began, today nobody knows, but at his death the collection covered about 5000 volumes. In 1983, Einar Hansen's Library Foundation was formed with the purpose of nurturing and developing the collection of books. In 1986, Hansen donated funds to a special professor of book and library history at Lund University. At Hansen there was a vision to make Fridhemsborg a cultural center in Malmö for researchers at Lund and Copenhagen University. The architect Jan Bergfelt was commissioned to draw an extension to Fridhemsborg in 1990, which in a better way than before would fill the task of holding seminar and symposium activities. Here, also, book historian researchers would get better training facilities. In September 1991 Hansen decided to build the extension, which was to be opened in the autumn of the following year. In the newspaper The work on January 22, 1994, one could read "legendary malmo profile of the time", Einar Hansen died the day before at the age of 91 years.                 For deeper studies of Einar Hansen's life and work, Kjell Å Modéer's book "Patriot in Borderland: Einar Hansen: Entrepreneur and Mecenate," 2002 is recommended.