Allhems building on the Bulltofta road was built in stages between 1936 and 1952. Allhems first book, "Sweden in color and image", dates back to 1936, but it may be better to say that the book publisher's actual start came only in 1938, as it was 13 Band major cultural history work "The Swedish People Throughout The Times" began to be published. In the first five years, "Tideskriftsaktiebolaget Allhem AB" was published as the publisher. From then to the end of the 1940s, "AB Allhems Förlag" and then only "Allhems Förlag" were noted. In 1975, Tidskriftaktiebolaget Allhem and AB Allhems Tryckeri were transferred to Svenska Dagbladet. In 1978, a collaboration with the book publisher Atlantis began, which from then on marketed 70 books. A year later, Atlantis took over the marketing of virtually all remaining titles. Malmö city's history, third part, published in 1981, became Allhems final book.