The Family Ruhe's portrait album was presented by author Algot Ruhe, born in Lund in 1867, and then came in the hands of the son Sven. The city archives in Malmö were handed over The album in March 1990 (Act No. 3/90) as a gift without reservation by Professor Emeritus Carl Ludvig Kiellander.  Eight album pages with mainly images of the Ruhe family themselves have been divorced before handing over to the city archive. Still images represent more distant relatives, colleagues and acquaintances to the family. In connection with the registration, a surname- A register of these has been prepared with reference to the serial number of each image. Even though a complete identification of the persons has been more exceptional than a rule, the register should still be helpful in the search.  In total, the album 122 contains smaller portraits mounted in 4 sheet albums on each side, as well as a larger group image mounted on separate carton. The photographs, all of which can be dated to the latter half of the 19th century, are of album type, that is, the binder used is common egg white. Due to the natural protein / sugar reaction of these photos (the so-called Maillard reaction), most are heavily yellowed and, in many other respects, very varied.