The Malmö Plantation Association's statutes were adopted on October 10, 1881. One of the first results of the association's activities was the construction of the Folk Park in Rörsjön. At the beginning of the 1890s, the association succeeded in establishing a plantation between the water tower and the southern Bulltofta road. Between 1884 and 1894 the association had paid out SEK 12,000 for planting fortification and commendant beds, Mariedal, Skjutsstallslyckan, Folkparken in Rörsjömarken and more. During the 1890s, the association continued to provide the colonial gardens. Furthermore, the association gave the notice to Slottsparken, to which the city council estimated a total of SEK 140,000 in 1898. Further to that, the association participated in ordering the beach at Ribersborg.