The Manufacturing Company in Malmö (MAB) was founded in 1855 and the year after that the factory was ready. The factory was a cotton spinning plant located in the Spinneriet district in central Malmö, north of Malmö Yllefabriks AB (MYA), which has recently arrived. In 1898, MAB moved to a newly built factory at Trelleborgsvägen, and the former factory was then sold to MYA, which moved a number of activities there. In 1906, MAB and Malmö Mekaniska Cotton Wäfveri were assembled, also this founded in 1855. In 1943, the MAB & MYA Group was formed when MAB was merged with Malmö Yllefabriks AB. In the 1950s, the crisis began for the textile industry. As a result, all operations within the group were demolished and the old factory on Trelleborgsvägen in 1968 was converted to the current Mobilia shopping mall.