In 1788, Lund's lasaret was closed, but when any move was never carried out, it was reopened in 1790. At this time, the rulers in Malmö began planning for their own hospital and in 1785 the Rännmästarbostället (Humlegränd, VIII farmhouse in quarter 8, Humle) was started. It served as a sick and poverty house until 1803. 1803 was built in the neighborhood of Josefina, in which there was also a hospital. The operations were moved 1806 to the corner Västergatan-Långgårdsgatan. In the 1830s, the Poverty Board appointed deputies to draft proposals for special hospitals in Skjutsstallgarden's house at Djäkegatan, so that they did not have to send patients to Lund. However, this hospital was primarily a hospital facility for the poor. In the 1850s, Mayor J Malmborg started collecting for a hospital and in 1853 a hospital building committee was appointed. The town owned some land in the 57th quarter, Josefina, where the hospital opened in 1875, which was called the General Hospital.