The Criminal Police was named until 1925 Detective Police. The detective police were organized under the police chief. On February 13, 1874, the proposal for a police station in Malmö was approved as Malmö's first police chief Philip Wester and a committee prepared. This meant, among other things, that the police were to be divided into a detective or detective department, a police station, a health police and a police officer. In the early years there was the detective police in the City Hall, with facilities in the vault for the church street and the square. In the police chief's protocol from April 1, 1874, it is stated that the detective department's supercapacity and two police officers were appointed. Apparently this was initially all staff. Among the actions in the Criminal Police are theft alerts (which for several years consist mostly of bicycle deeds), driver's wrecks, registers of loose women (ie, prostitutes) and the liquorpolice's actions.