Personal Archive about Harry Isak Rubinstein, born 28/11 1920 in Malmö and dead 9/11 2007 in Malmö. Harry's father, Samuel Rubenstein, immigrated from Czarry to Sweden in the late 19th century. Harry graduated in 1939 and studied academic studies at Lund University in 1941-1944 with a graduated degree in literature history. After that, Harry spent 18 months in military service and then resumed the academic studies. Harry Rubinstein married Cesia Sznall on November 16, 1947. Harry spent most of his career as a director of studies at Malmö Borgarskola. As a youth, Harry was engaged in Jewish culture and Judaism. There are clear stories in the archive with group photos and script scripts from various events with the Swedish National Youth League (JUF). In addition to that, Harry was also an engaged chess player, poetry, book reviewer and speaker at various festivities. The archive contains a variety of figures and manuscripts that Harry used, eg from Malmö Synagogue, Jewish youth, and various bar mitzvas and weddings. Harry's interest in Judaism, Israel and politics is also noted in the archive as you see all the clippings that are saved. Here are clippings about everything from World War II to Israel's policy spread from 1945-2005. Harry Rubinstein is famous for joining the association of the Holocaust Eyewitnesses in 1991, where he himself served as chairman. It is a society that performed extensive activities, especially in southern Sweden when survivors from the Holocaust were out in schools and told about their experiences from the war's horrors. Operations are still ongoing, but on a smaller scale, many of the members of the group have died. One of those who was out and informed in schools was Harry's wife, Cesia, who survived the concentration camp Auschwitz.