The original Malmö, which was mentioned in the 11th century, was the closest to a village and covered the area today called Pildammsstaden. Here there was a church mentioned the first time in 1247 and lay in the place called the little or northern pillar. When the supply of herring in Öresund increased during the 13th century, the people moved down to the coast and settled in the central parts of the present West and Eastergies. The Nedra Malmö, in contrast to the older settlement called Övra Malmö, comprised the present Kungsparkens and Malmöhus castle areas - the area within the bridges located west of Stortorget. In 1269 the church and cemetery were mentioned in the records, and it is this Romanesque church depicted on Malmö's oldest seal. In 1319 a new city plan was established and the city was expanded to include the entire area within the bridges, the so-called Old City. This year is considered as the foundation of Malmö, and also as the foundation of St. Peter's Church.