The stock company Addo was founded in 1918 and was founded by Hugo Agrell, who previously sold imported calculators, and his cousin, engineer Oscar Printz. [1] The first production took place on Skolgatan and from 1928 on Östra Förstadsgatan 10. Addo was becoming one of Malmö's largest industries. The company expanded gradually, especially from the 1930s, and came to establish factories also in England (Cirencester) and Brazil (Rio de Janeiro). At most, the Group had 3200 employees. In 1933, 3000 machines were manufactured in a year with 70 employees. 1935 launched the company's most famous product - Addo-X. In 1954, Addo had, in addition to the main factory at Industrigatan 20 in Norra Sorgenfri in Malmö, also factories in Hörby, Örkelljunga (Multiplier Multo), Stockholm and Eskilstuna, additionally Addomöbler in Lammhult.